'Gift' tuyeses set. Uftyuga


'Gift' tueses set. Uftuga. Author: Natalya Zhidyak, 2017, wood, birch bark, watercolor, patternwork, Veliky Ustyug. Height 18 cm, diameter 10 cm, height 16 cm, diameter 9 cm, height 12 cm, diameter 7 cm,

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A set of souvenirs 'Gift'. Uftyuga painting

These tuyeses are not just souvenirs, they are made according to old technologies, they can successfully preserve food products. Bulk stock will be stored longer than in conventional dishes, because birch bark has antibacterial features that were well known to our ancestors.

Tuyesa are painted with in rare fashion - Uftyuga painting. The knowledge of this craft is nowbeing possessed by few craftsmen and among them Natalia Zhidyak.

There is an Uftyug painting from the village of Verkhnaya Uftyuga, named after the river Uftyuga, the tributary of the Northern Dvina, lying just below the mouth of Vychegy.


Data sheet

Verkhnyaya Uftuga and other villages on Uftuga river, Arkhangelsk region
Uftuga painting
Art technique
birch bark painting
birch bark, wood, paint, varnish