Pleshkovo toy

Pleshkovo toy as a folk art for manufacture of clay toys arose in the 17 century in the village of Pleshkovo, Livensky district, Orel region, Russia.

The name of the village came from the word 'bald', a place free from vegetation, where there was a clay deposit nearby. Long ago the Pleshkovs 'pulled' pots and kvasniks (kvass vessels) from clay, and produced 'utensils as jingle', and for children they moulded toys out of clay that differed in their simplicity and laconism and could not only be whistles.

Every year in May, villagers whistled in clay whistles during the holiday 'Whistler', driving out filthy evil from their houses by whistle sounds.

While firing local clay acquires a light pink or flesh tint, and mica in its composition gives a special silver-plated appearance. Coloring is performed in blue, red, and green colors in the form of freely spaced spots.

They sculpted horses, nurses, soldiers, ducks, cockerels, hens, cows, rams, deer, mermaid birds with a human face.

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Pleshkovo toy

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