Vyatka painting

Vyatka (Kirov) painting of matryoshks is known since the beginning of XX century, and is close to Sergiev Posad type. For painting matryoshkas, oil paints were first used. Vyatka matryoshka in those years looked like a girl with a blush on her cheeks in a colored kerchief and a sundress with straps, with a bouquet of wild flowers in her hands.

In 1958, at the International Exhibition in Brussels, with Vyatka wooden doll the general foreign public first met.

In 1970s, Vyatka wooden dolls were painted with aniline paints and, in addition, encrusted with straws. The direction of maximum decoration of products began to prevail. The doll, still a toy, became more and more a product of decorative and applied art, an interesting souvenir.

Today, traditionally, Vyatka matryoshka is depicted as a northerner girl with huge eyes, blond hair and a soft, shy smile. She is dressed in a dress with colorful ornaments or motifs in which the pattern is intertwined with colors and inlaid straw, simple or colored.

Vyatka painting

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