Skopin seramics

Skopin ceramics are traditional Russian craft items made in the city of Skopin, Ryazan Region of Russia. This craft was founded in the 1860s by peasant brothers Ovodov.

All-Russian fame came in the second half of XIX century. It was suspended during the First World War and in the 1920s. Since 1934, production was revived at  Skopinskaya factory of craft products. In 1969, on the basis of artel "Ceramics",  Skopin factory of artistic ceramics was established.

Details of ceramics are formed on a manual machine, then they are joined with liquid clay and decorated with relief and depressed ornamentation, dark brown glaze with addition of manganese oxide, bright green with copper oxide, dark yellow with iron oxide and less often blue cobalt. When firing, grains of glaze melted unevenly, beautifully spreading.

Products are jugs, candlesticks, kvasnik (kvas vessels)), kumgans, frames for mantel clocks and decorative sculpture of small forms (dragons, centaurs, fabulous lions, figures of fish, birds and domestic animals). Special was the image of the bird Osprey (in Russian — Skopa), on whose behalf the name of the city originated.

Skopin ceramics is characterized by complex silhouettes, due to the combination of shapes of dishes with the figures of real or fabulous creatures.

Skopin seramics

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