Skopin toy

In the second half of the XIX century potters of the town of Skopin, Ryazan Province, became famous for producing intricate figured vessels. There were abundant deposits of clay, which predetermined the occurrence of Skopoin craft.

Toys were sculpted from light brown clay and glazed. Even the defects that were unavoidable in the handicraft industry, craftsmen turned to the benefit: unevenly ground grains of glaze flowed in different ways during firing, and the potters used this feature to decorate their products.

Sculpturing of toys a la Skopin is daring and confident, handling is harsh, coarse, toy characters are not only funny - they are strong, expressive, temperamental.

The most popular is the image of the legendary bird Osprey, on whose behalf the name of the city originated. There are also such plots as a horseman, a milkmaid with a cow, etc.

Essential detail: the groups of figures are usually placed on a flat stand, as it were chopped off non-molded and not smoothed edges. This is done only in Skopin - the uneven edge reinforces the impression of the energetic mobility of the whistling animals.

Skopin toy

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