House carving

House carving is a method of decorating a house by cutting various shapes and ornaments on external wooden elements. Almost all overhead and protruding elements of the facade of the house were decorated with carvings: platband, cornice,  'towels' (fancy decorations on a Russian peasant’s house), decaying wood boards, balusters, porch columns, roofs.

Virtually all types of wood carving have been used in house carving: pierced work, applied carving, relief carving, sculptural carving. The predominant use of a particular type of сфкмштп in various regions of Russia was determined by ingrained traditions.

Simple geometric motifs - repetitive rows of triangles, semicircles, patterns with tassels framing 'vaults' - gable roofs of houses. These are the oldest Slavic symbols of rain, heavenly moisture, on which fertility depended, and therefore the life of a farmer. With the celestial sphere associated ideas about the sun, giving heat and light. The signs of the sun are solar symbols, denoting the day path of the star.

Especially important and interesting was the figurative world of window frames. The windows themselves in the concept of a house are the frontier zone between the world inside the dwelling and another, natural, often unknown, surrounding the house from all sides. The upper part of the casing meant the celestial world, it depicted the symbols of the Sun.

On vaultы attended symbols zoomorphic (snakes with curved plant bodies, stately birds with raised wings and fluffy tails), fitomorphic (stems, sprouts, flowers) and consecrated with solar crosses and rosettes.

House carving

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