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The first matryoshka, made by turner Vasily Zvezdochkin and painted by artist Sergei Malyutin in the 1890s, consisted of eight pieces. Why exactly such a number, history is silent. In the subsequent life of Russian matryoshkas, the number of dolls that make them up ranged from one (matryoshka shtoff-bottle, matryoshka counting set, matryoshka money box, tilting matryoshka) to 72 pieces (such a nesting doll was made at Semyonovsky factory).

Which matryoshka to choose, how many dolls should it contain? Everything depends on your desire, plans and opportunities. A large multi-piece matryoshka is a valuable souvenir gift, it can also perfectly complement your interior — numerous dolls of the same style arranged in a row or otherwise are impressive.

Often there are dolls of 5-, 7- and 10-pieces, but occasionally you may come across  3-, 6-, 8- and 12-piece matryoshkas and others. This is the author's choice and vision of matryoshka family set.

5-, 7-and 10-pieces matryoshka dolls of small formats are good for children, so that it would be convenient for them to disassemble and assemble them.

Much depends on the kind of dolls themselves and how they fit your taste. Sometimes small 3-piece or 5-piece doll becomes something special in your life.

For convenience, on the left are pages to chose number of matryoshka pieces, or you may see, choose and buy matryoshka with a certain number of dolls, browsing cards below.

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