Shemogod carving

The art of birch bark carving brought fame to the craftsmen of Shemogodskaya volost of Veliky Ustyug yezd. Inhabitants of hamlets and villages along Shemoks River, the tributary of the Northern Dvina, cut openwork patterns on birch bark plates and applied embossing on them.

Shemogod carving as industry emerged in the town of Veliky Ustyug, Vologda region in the late 18th century. Ornaments of Shamogod carvers are popularly called 'birch bark lace'. Shemogod carving is associated with the processing of birch bark and manufacturing of caskets, boxes, tea-pots, pencil boxes, tuyeses, dishes and plates.

Before cutting the drawing itself, the master made the prepared contours of the future image on the birch bark plate. After the drawing was finished, the birch bark plate was pasted onto the product.

The patterns of Shemogod craftsmen are carved with a simple pointed knife; some, the most talented masters compose a pattern directly by hand and never get lost in the drawing.

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Shemogod carving

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