Sergiev swing carving

According to legend, the founder of this style of carving was Hegumen Sergius of Radonezh, who carved figures of angels and gave them to children who came with their parents on a pilgrimage.

The Sergius Swing Carving represents a unique national technique of smash carving, without preliminary sketches, prepared in a drawing or clay, in which any article is cut with a knife 'at stroke', immediately cleanly, quickly and accurately.

The products were cut out with Bogorodsky knife from blocks of wood of triangular cross-section, obtained by splitting the log radially.

This technique in the early XX century was banned because of numerous religious themes and undeservedly forgotten for many decades. This Russian carving technic was revived by Alexander Varganov, an outstanding master of Bogorodskoye and Sergius carving.

At present, only two masters work in technique of Sergius Swing Carving — Alexander Varganov and Nikolai Antishin. Their products can be seen, selected and purchased by browsing cards below.

Sergiev swing carving

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