Chernyshino toy

Chernyshino clay toy is a Russian folk art that originated in the village of Chernysheno, Orel region of Russia, in the early 20th century.

Around the village there are deposits of colored clays: red, white, blue. The clay stock was usually made in the early spring and was stored in a cold place. When making toys, clay was not crushed, but palmed. After manufacturing toys were dried at the tops of the stoves throughout the day. Then at night they were chilled. The coloring of toys was carried out with mineral and aniline paints with a cock feather.

Men did not participate in the modeling of toys, they made dishes. Women molded male figures rarely, only together with the horse. Never molded birds except for a cuckoo, because they revered the cuckoo for a deity capable of predicting the future. Mainly they made horses (sometimes three-headed ones) with a rider and without it, doll-ladies, nurses and girls with braids. Chernyshino painting is called 'cuckoo' painting because of strips resembling the feather of a cuckoo.

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Chernyshino toy

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