Khludnevo toy

Khludnevo  clay toy is a Russian folk art that originated in the village of Khludnevo in Kaluga region in the first half of the 19th century.

Khlundevo craftsmen worked familyly, they sold products in the market. Men only made dishes, and women molded and painted toys. Pottery in Khludnev developed until the mid-1950s, until the demand for pottery fell. Nevertheless, Khludnev women continued to sculpt whistles, guduhi (buzzers) and grematuhi (rattles). In the years 1969-1971, after publications in the central press about Khludnev toy, the whole country learned about this craft.

The moulded toys dry for a day or two in the air, then they are dried in stove until clay becomes light. During firing process, clay changes its natural color and becomes white-pink.

Khludnevo toys are not painted entirely, but only some parts: feathers of birds, outlines and parts of the trunk of animals. Featured multicolored strips, alternate with strips of natural clay background. A wide variety of rhombuses, signs of the sky, life, the sun are widespread. Mainly bright colors are used: red, crimson, green.

Products of Khludnevo toymakers are popular by naive simplicity, unpretentious painting and some roughness moulding.

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Khludnevo toy

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