10-piece matryoshka. 'Vyatsky Suvenir', Kirov. Wood, painting. Height – 20 cm, diameter - 10 cm.

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Kirov (Vyatka) matryoshka, 10 pieces set

Kirov nesting dolls are especially bright and expressive, probably because they are not overloaded with decor and miniature painting.

This form of workpiecе is called "pear", and it is typical for Vyatka dolls and was developed here. The tradition of the Kirov matryoshka is younger than that of Sergiev-Posad or Polkhov Maidan, however, it is known among traditional paintings.

The clothes of a wooden doll are quite simple, but what a smart, bright apron! The flowers on it remind a little of the Nizhniy Novgorod paintings on matryoshkas - Polh-Maidan and Semyonov, but still has its own distinct style.

For Kirov matryoshkas blue eyes and red hair are typical. Plait is not visible, the colors of shawl may vary.

This matryoshka is for children, it is covered with non-toxic varnish. Bright, funny image creates a positive mood.

Сraft Kirov painting
Place Kirov (Vyatka), Kirov oblast
Technique painting on wood
Medium wood, paint, varnish
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