'Gryphon' box. Veliky Ustyug painting. Natalya Zhydyak (1972). Veliky Ustyug, 2018. Birchbark, wood, watercolor, varnish. 13x23x15 cm.

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Oval Griffin Box

'Korobeyka' in the Russian North stands for a small box made of the bast or birch bark for food storage.

This box is made in the style of the Veliky Ustiug painting. The main motive on the lid is a Griffin, a mythological winged creature, with the trunk of a lion and the head of an eagle, framed in the traditional Ustyug ornament. Each side of the box is painted in traditional style with paradise birds, flowers and leaves.

Who for?

  • In this korobeika you can store bread, biscuits, flour and other products.
  • It can also store needlework or small things.
  • It is believed that the image of the Griffin is an amulet, a guardian of the dwelling.
  • Unforgettable birthday or housewarming party present, also good for New Year and other memorable events.
  • Excellent addition to the collection of Russian crafts or crafts of the North.
  • The museum level item.

Craftsmaster: Natalia Zhidyak

Natalia Zhidyak was born and raised in Veliky Ustyug. She worked at the factory 'Velikoustyugskie Uzory'. She is practicing various northern paintings on birch bark and wood and carvings on birch bark. Natalia is a People's craftsmaster of Vologda region in Veliky Ustiug painting.

Velikoustyug painting

Velikoustyug painting has been widely known in Russia since the XVII century. The craaftsmasters from Veliky Ustyug were invited to Moscow to paint the royal chambers, and the Ustyug style was called 'the royal uzoroch'e' (i.e. royal patternwork). Ustyug chests, decorated with 'herbal scripts' and upholstered with a patterned-sizing iron found a ready sale throughout the country.

At the turn of the XVIII century herb ornamentation began to change, a gradual transition from a purely decorative ornament to the emergence of a single plot image.

In the traditions of Veliky Ustyug painting there are ocher-yellow, red-brown, green and blue colors and black graphics on a golden or white background.

Сraft Velikiy Ustyug painting
Author Natalya Zhidyak
Place Veliky Ustyug, Vologda region
Condition new item
Technique birch bark paintingте
Medium birch bark, wood, paint, varnish
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