Coffee set - coffee pot, sugar bowl, milk jug and six cups with saucers. Gzhel multicolor majolica. Gzhel Experimental Ceramic Factory. Rechitsy village, Moscow region, Russia. Vintage - 1980-90-s Clay, painted colored majolica.

Height: coffee pot - 19.5 cm, cup - 7.5 cm. Weight - 2300 g.

✔︎ Gzhel color majolica tradition

✔︎ Handmade - pottery and painting

✔︎ Perfect coffee ceremony set

✔︎ For home, garden, family and friends

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Coffee set. Gzhel

A warm coffee set for six persons, made at the Gzhel experimental ceramic factory in the village of Rechytsa, Gzhel cluster of Moscow oblast in 1980s-1990s. It was a time of change, a merger of Gzhel folk majolica and Soviet ceramics of the 20th century, a time of search and bold creative solutions.

Connoisseurs will immediately appreciate the perfect compositional solution of the set: soft shape and colors, pleasant tactile sense - everything that creates the comfort of a coffee ceremony and emphasizes homeliness.

This coffee set is good for a exquisite living room, country residence and a summer cottage.

Gzhel Experimental Ceramics Factory

Gzhel Experimental Ceramic Factory was one of the most significant enterprises of the USSR associated with the development of traditional ceramic culture.

The artists of the plant, carefully preserving the traditions of Gzhel multicolor ceramics, created original works of art that could satisfy the most demanding customers.
Сraft Gzhel, underglaze painting
Author unknown artist
Producer Gzhel Experimental Ceramics Factory
Place Rechitsy, Gzhelsky cluster, Moscow oblast
Technique pottery, ornament, glaze
Medium clay, paints, glaze
Vintage 1980s
Weight (g) 2300
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