'Holy Trinity'. Alexander Varganov. Sergius smash carving. Sergiev Posad. 1991. Linden. 27x17.5x7 cm
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Holy Trinity

This is a type of image of the Trinity that is comparatively rare in Orthodox art, representing God the Father in the form of an old man, God the Son in the form of a baby and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. On the throne is an old man with a halo. On his knees is the young Christ, who holds a sphere with a dove in his hands. The only three incarnations of the Holy Trinity ("I and the Father are One", "The Father in Me and I in Him" ​​- John 10, 30, 38) allowed to some extent unite God the Father and God the Son in one image.

The possibility of direct contemplation of the consubstantial and tri-personal God was associated with an ascetic feat, silence, purification from passions and continuous prayer.

The symmetry of the construction, the frontality of the figures, the stiffness of the contours, the severity of faces that have an acute and piercing expression-all this creates an open and direct image to the viewer, presenting a complex theological-dogmatic idea. In the image, the traditions of the Novgorod school are clearly visible.

This powerful wooden sculpture was created by the master of the Sergius carving Alexander Nikolayevich Varganov.

For what?

  • This strongest image can and should be used for its intended purpose, the ascension of prayer to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • In the apartment of every believer there is a sacred place where icons hang, figures of saints stand. This image can become the central figure of the red corner.
  • It is a solid and unforgettable gift to loved ones, relatives, friends, and colleagues on the day of their celebration.
  • Of course, this is a collectible item of museum quality.

Master: Alexander Nikolaevich Varganov

An outstanding master of Bogorodsky and Sergius carving. He restored the Russian smash carving, and on its basis - the once famous Sergievsky toy, the old-town sculpture-toy and the Orthodox carved icon, and also created a round unique Orthodox sculpture. He also makes traditional Sergievskie toys made of papier-mâché.

Varganov - a gifted sculptor, he does not just recreate the old figures, the artist has his own style. He perfectly feels the texture of the tree, uses it virtuously. His toys are vibrant and dynamic. His style Alexander Varganov jokingly calls "cubism."

Sergius Smash Carving

The artistic craft of wood carving, according to legend, existed in Sergiev Posad since the time of St. Sergei Radonezhsky, is now known only to a few specialists. This technique was almost forgotten, but the efforts of the genius Bogorodsky carver Alexander Nikolayevich Varganov was restored.

Traditionally, the Bogorodsky carvers worked without sketches and sketches, "with a stroke" - hence the name of this carving is 'smash'.

Сraft Sergius swing carving
Author Aleksandr Varganov (1957-2019)
Place Moscow and Moscow region
Year 1991
Technique carving and painting on wood
Medium wood
Inscription carved initials and date
Weight (g) 680
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