Polkhov-Maydan painting - painted turning products in the villages of Polkhovsky Maidan, Krutets and Voznesenskoye in the Nizhny Novgorod кegion. The products of the masters of this craft — matryoshkas, Easter eggs, mushroom-banks, saltcellars, boxes, caskets and dishes - are lavishly decorated with rich ornamental and plot painting. Among the picturesque motifs are flowers, birds, animals, pastoral rural landscapes, village churches.

In the middle of XIX century, in the village of Polkh-Maydan, craftsmen began to produce unpainted wooden turning utensils, which they sold at fairs. Since the beginning of the 1920s, influenced by similar products of Sergiev Posad, they began to cover the polkhov-maydan dishes with a scorched outline drawing. Soon they strted painting within the outlining burning with oil paints, and in the mid-1930s. - aniline dyes, diluted in alcohol. Gradually burned contour of the pattern was replaced by a more economical and simple ink.

In 1960-70s an original artistic and decorative system and main specific techniques of local painting have been developed. These techniques received well-established local names: “flowers with an outline” - the flower painting is outlined with a clear black contour; “flowers without outline” - the picture is painted without a linear contour; “for oil” - painting in oil or nitro-paints on a dull colored background, “variegation” - the simplest hand painting with strokes or dots.

You can see, choose and buy a half-Maidan painting of the best modern masters and masters of the past by looking through the cards below.

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