Big mushroom bank. Polkhov-Maydan painting. Hereditary master: Maria Aniskina. Polkhovsky Maidan, Voznesensky district, Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Russia. 2018. Wood, aniline paints, varnish, polkhov-maydan painting. Size: height - 14 cm, diameter - 13 cm. Weight - 240 g.

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Mushroom moneybox. Polkhovsky Maidan

Traditional Polkhov-Maydan mushroom bank for children and adults.

Craftsmaster - Maria Aniskina

Such familiar to many since childhood mushrooms and piggy banks are still produced in Polkhovsky-Maydan. Only craftsmen who knows all the secrets of mastery are not numerous. Since her childhood, Maria Aniskina has had an opportunity to comprehend her skill, watching the work of her grandmother and mother.

Polkhov-Maidan painting on wood

The production of famous toys with bright intricate paintings originates in the village of Polkhovsky Maydan from the beginning of the 1920s. Under the influence of similar products of Sergiev Posad masters, Polkhov-Maydan dishes was painted with a scorched outline pattern. Soon they started to paint pyrography patterns with oil paints, and in the mid-1930s with aniline dyes, diluted in alcohol. Gradually burned contour of the pattern was replaced by a more economical and simple execution of China ink.

Over time, an original artistic and decorative system was developed and the main specific techniques of local painting were identified. These techniques received well-established local names: 'owers with a contour' - the flower painting is outlined with a clear black outline; 'Flowers without conoure' - the picture is painted out on the background without a linear contour; 'for oil' - painting in oil or nitro-paints on a solid colored background, 'variegated' - the simplest hand painting with strokes or dots.

Buy a gift - to whom?

  • A gift primarily to children — this mushroom bank is an attractive addition to the arsenal of toys for both boys and girls.
  • Interior item — a bright addition to a modern apartment, bringing warmth, joy and comfort.
  • A gift to collectors — a worthy addition to the collection of folk arts and crafts, in particular, Polkhov-Maydan toys.
  • A gift to foreigners - they don’t have anything like that. They will be surprised to learn that such a beauty of Polkhovsky Maidan was produced and even privately sold in the Soviet period all over Soviet Union.

To buy such a mushroom bank means to show a delicate taste, support the craft, and most importantly, acquire a beautiful and useful thing.

Сraft Polkhov Maydan painting
Author Maria Aniskina
Place Polkhov Maydan, Nyzhny Novgorod oblast
Year 2019
Technique turning, painting on wood
Medium wood, paint, varnish
Size (cm) 14,5х12,5х12,5
Weight (g) 220
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