The Russian North is the most forest region of the European part of Russia. Man has always used larch, pine, spruce, birch to make houses, sculptural images of gods, furniture, tools, dishes and, of course, children's toys.

In addition to the availability, strength and ease of processing, the beauty of the tree played an important role - various shades and natural patterns that the craftsmen skillfully used in their handicrafts.

Popular images of northern woodcarving were a variety of panka-dolls, bereginyas (averter dolls), horses, images of birds. Each area produced its own forms and features of these small wooden sculptures.

Northern wooden carved products were characterized by the conditionality of the image, the generalized form, but at the same time the extreme expressiveness. Toy makers cut the figurines with a large plan, with several blows of the ax.

In this section you can see, choose and buy panka-dolls, bereginyas (averter dolls), horses in the style of northern carving, made by the best craftsman of Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions, brawsing through the cards below.

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