Mezen or Palashchel painting on wood is a type of painting of household utensils (distaffs, buckets, boxes, loving cups) formed in the 18 century in the lower reaches of Mezen river.

A special feature of Mezen painting is the unusual images (similar to rock paintings) of horses, elks, ducks and hens, framed by peculiar geometric patterns, symbolizing clear concepts of the surrounding world: the sun, earth, water, fields, trees.

Traditionally, only two colors are used in Mezen painting - carmine red and black, which were obtained from natural materials - clay and soot.

There is a hidden meaning in the Mezen painting. The main products painted in Mezen style were distaffs made by men who tried to convey through the ornament and symbols his message, attitude and wishes, to whom the distaff was intended.

The utmost brevity of pictorial tools puts the Mezen painting to be apart from all the paintings known in folk art. Some art critics believe that the geometric motifs and graphic patterns indicate the connection of the painting with wood carvings. Artistic laconism and color restraint of the Mezen painting speak of a great artistic taste.

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