Ustinya doll in yellow shawl. Merinovo matryoshka. Author: Honored Master of Folk Arts of Nizhny Novgorod Region Tamara Korieva. Semyonov, Russia. 2018 Linden, paint, varnish. Height 29 cm, diameter 9 cm. Weight 240 g.

It is unusual and immediately notable. And not only because of her feet in bast shoes, Ustinya is extraordinarily attractive by her different appearance. Foe children, adults, friends and acquaintances, boss, and collector - for everybody.

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Ustinya, Merinovo matryoshka

We see a very unusual doll. The first thing that catches eye is her feet shod in boots. Usually , we do not see them at matryoshkas, it is implied that they are hidden under the sarafan, but here this funny element adds a bit of realism and warm humor to the familiar matryoshka Image.

A smiling expressive face. Сonnoisseurs and observant spectators immediately notice hand painted oval with no compass traces, instead of drawn circle face typical for most matreshkas. Oval, too, gives the doll a bit of realism. Dark laconic, but expressive features, pink, slightly asymmetrical cheeks and red lips. Dark hair is almost invisible because Ustinya is from Old Believers region – there it is not customary for women to open their hair.

On a yellow background on the edges of shawl we see unusual ornament of alternating green leaves, purple and scarlet petals of unknown flower. The motif of this flower with leaves comprises a small wreath at the top.

Ustinya's sarafan and apron are also unusual. On the purple background of sarafan are scattered crimson flowers with green leaves, and on the raspberry sleeve and collar we see patterns in the form of yellow rhombuses with 'cilia'. The main motif of sarafan is a bouquet of strawberries with leaves. The background is an unpainted wood (linden) with simple ornament of red and green ovals. In the lower part of the apron is a simple ornamental band of red, yellow and green colors. On the left above it is the author's name – Koryova T.G. and year of manufacture –2018.

This is one-piece matryoshka. No younger matryoshkas inside.

This Merinovo nesting doll was exibited at the All-Russian exhibition of folk arts at 'Manege' Central Exhibition Hall in October 2017. After a long period of oblivion, it first appeared there and surprised many visitors. Today you may see and buy one of the exhibition series.

Сraft Merinovo matryoshka
Author Tamara Koryova
Place Semenov, Nizhny Novgorod region
Year 2018
Technique turning, painting on wood
Medium wood, paint, varnish
Weight (g) 240
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