The first matryoshka appeared in Sergiev Posad in 1892. It was done by turner Vasily Zvezdochkin and painted by artist Sergey Malyutin. Matryoshka consisted of 8 pieces – a round-faced girl in sarafan, apron, and scarf with flowers, holding a black cock in her hand. Behind her – three sisters, a little brother, two more sisters and a baby.

Since then, every year, tens of thousands of good-natured, cute dolls diverge around the world from the hands of matryoshka-makers.

The largest matryoshka, turned and painted at Semyonovskaya factory, consisted of 72 dolls, its height was 1 m. The smallest matryoshka is turned on the tip of a human hair and even painted.

Matryoshka is an excellent choice as a gift for playing a child, for a celebration, for collectors, admirers of beauty and just for yourselves – for joy.

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