Tile 'Lion and Unicorn'. Ceramic tile of red clay. Kostroma ceramics. Craftsmasters: Anatoly and Lyubov Shatalov. 2019 Nerekhta, Kostroma Region, Russia. Dimensions - 15x15x1.5 cm. Weight 360 g.

✔︎ The images of Lion and Unicorn personify the victory of summer over the spring, the terrestrial world over the underground

✔︎ Traditional northern product

✔︎ Home cecoration

✔︎ Warm and symbolic gift
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Lion and Unicorn

The Lion and the Unicorn are an emblematic couple found in heraldry, literature, architecture, and visual arts. The plot of the battle between the lion and the unicorn is widespread. Probably, the struggle of these animals symbolizes the victory of summer (Lion) over spring (Unicorn). Also, their battle may symbolize the struggle of two worlds: ground and underground.

The emblem pair 'lion and unicorn' was widespread in Russian culture of the 16th–17th centuries. It is also found among the peoples of Siberia, for example, among the Yakuts.

The battle of the lion with the unicorn is a frequent plot in the paintings of wooden and birch bark boxes, which was used until the 20th century. The animals were depicted in the pose of the fighters, standing on their hind legs, they clasped each other's front. In this case, the curved horn of a unicorn pierces the head of a lion. The animals were portrayed good-naturedly.

Kostroma pottery

In the Kostroma province pottery has been actively developing since the XIX century. Especially this craft flourished in Nerekhta district.

The assortment of dishes is wide: dropsy pots for storing water, beer pots, jugs, cooking pots, pockets, bowls, jars for dough, and many other things needed in the household.

The products of Kostroma craftsmen are made of red clay with blackening and look very similar to vintage wooden utensils.

Сraft Kostroma ceramics
Author Lubov and Anatoly Shatalovy
Place Nerekhta, Kostroma Oblast
Year 2019
Technique pottery
Medium clay
Inscription author's mark
Size (cm) 15х15х1,5
Weight (g) 360
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