Black round box. Kostroma painting. Craftsman: Daniil Malyshev. Kostroma. 2018. Linden, paint, varnish. Size: height - 5.5 cm, diameter - 10.5 cm. Weight 120 g.

This box with Kostroma painting is unusual, delicate and memorable gift for children, beloved, loved ones and friends for different events and just for a long and good memory.

✔︎ Little present

✔︎ Interior item

✔︎ For storing dear things

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Black round box

A round wooden box with comfortable, well-fitting lid, painted in Kostroma style.

This small box has black background color, which depicts two-colored rosaces with the main red-rose and 'freshening' whirtwrose colors on stem with leaves of marsh-green and yellow colors.

The main motif decorates the box, as four similar roses are symmetrically located on its sides.

Craftsman - Daniil Malyshev

Daniel was born in Kostroma. Since childhood, he has been interested in traditional wood paintings. First he studied Gorodets painting, but once attended a class on Kostroma painting and realized that this style appeared to be very special to him.

Daniil Malyshev devotes all his spare time to Kostroma painting, participates in various competitions, exhibitions, fairs of folk art, and popularizes this rare art craft.

Kostroma painting

Kostroma painting is known from 17th century. In the late 19-early 20 centuries it was practiced by seasonal painters. Kostroma painting is referred to the house, free-brush paintings.

Traditionally Kostroma painters decorated house interiors: doors, walls, furniture and household utensils with flower ornaments . Often there were images of lions, birds, but always accompanied by flowers.

At the beginning of 20 century this craft ceased to exist and has been for a long time forgotten. Currently, it is being revived by three enthusiasts, among them craftsman Daniil Malyshev.

Gift to whom?

  • A gift to our dear and beloved. This round box is not only beautiful and aesthetic, it is convenient for storing all kinds of small valuable things. Perfect little gift on a first date. With no commit it leaves a warm trace of refinement and taste.
  • What to present at March 8 event? Sure, not a meat grinder:) And here is a useful, beautiful, but, most importantly, unusual gift - there are no more such paintings.
  • All began to get carried away with minimalism in interiors. Well, as they say, tastes differ... Just imagine how great this box will fit with its simple and expressive painting and bright scarlet color in the minimalist interior!
  • What a color strike, emphasizing taste and courage of master of the house.
  • A gift for children. They will appreciate it, especially the girls. There are always a lot of 'secret things', personal gizmos, which the want to remove from other people's eyes and put into this magic box.
  • A gift to mother, grandmother, beloved mother-in-law, or aunts. They will appreciate the box on its merits: beautiful, elegant, merry and comfortable.
Сraft Kostroma painting
Author Danil Malyshev
Place Kostroma, Kostroma Region
Year 2018
Technique painting on wood
Medium wood, paint, varnish
Inscription craftsman's signature
Weight (g) 120
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