Cockerel. Gorodets painting. Author: Lilia Bespalova. Artistic processing of wood: Valery Tabunov. 19x15x13 cm.

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In peasant life it is believed that the cock protects from fires, so put a wooden or metal cockerel on the ridge of the roof. It was believed that if there was no cock in the yard - and cattle would not be kept, and meat and cow milk would be tasteless.

In Christian times, this bird became a symbol of the Resurrection - the rooster cry awakens from sleep, and the awakening, according to Christians, should remind believers of the Last Judgment and the universal resurrection of the dead.

The image of the cock is very popular in folk crafts, images of the cockerel can also be found in folk toys of Khludnev, Filimonov, Gorodets, Bogorodskaya.

This cockerel, performed by the turner Valery Tabunov and painted by the famous Gorodets painter Lilia Bespalova, is a cheerful image, looking confidently into the distance. This is Gorets painting, but in the recognizable style of Lilia Bespalova. The cockerel is not fixed on the base, it rotates like a weather vane.

in the foundation there are names of the autjors and the wish: 'For luck'.

For whom?

  • A stylish touch for the interior of apartment or villa.
  • A nice gift for birthday, housewarming party, New Year or another joyful event.
  • A great gift to hte boss or colleagues.
  • This item will be appreciated by collectors of Russian handicrafts, admirers of Gorodets painting and talent of Lilia Bespalova.

Master: Lilia Fedorovna Bespalova

The famous artist of Gorodets painting Lilia F yodorovna Bespalova, a student of Aristarkh Konovalov, who revived the town's painting in the 1950s.Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1997). Laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR them. I.E. Repin (1985). Liliya was born in Kronstadt, Leningrad Region. She is a graduate from the Semyonovskoye School in 1959.

Gorodets painting

Gorodets painting - Russian folk art craft, known from the middle of the XIX century in the city of Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod region. Bright, laconic city paintings (genre scenes, figures of horses, cocks, floral patterns), made with a free brushstroke with white and black graphic strokes, decorated spinning wheels, furniture, shutters, doors, panels, dishes.

Сraft Gorodets painting
Author Liliya Bespalova, Tabounov Valery
Place Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod region
Year 2018
Technique painting on wood
Medium wood, paint, varnish
Weight (g) 240
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