Truck. Fedoseyevo toy. Craftmaster: Nikolay Muravyov. Village of Fedoseyevo, Nizhny Novgorod region. 2017. Wood, paints, nails. Size: 13x10x25 cm. Weight: 200 g

This Fedoseyevo truck is a great gift for children and… adults who keep their childhood memories, as well as for collectors and connoisseurs of Russian folk arts & crafts.

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So, we see a toy-truck, unusual truck. You look at it, and your heart rejoices. It seems to be the prose of life - freight transport, and what a cheerful, life-affirming.

On traditional lemon background of Fedoseevo toys we see bright and clean colored spots - emerald, crimson, blue, violet, emphasizing parts of the truck. The driver's cabin and the entire perimeter of the body are decorated with traditional Fedoseevo ornament of scarlet flowers and green leaves, childlike, but attractive.

Craftsmaster - Nikolai Muravyov

Nikolai Muravyov was born in the nearby town of Semyonov, and now he lives in the village of Maloe Zinovievo, where he teaches young people
at the children's club-workshop to make Fedoseyevo toys.

Nikolai spent a lot of time in museums, studying the features and technology of manufacturing Fedoseyevo toys and Fedoseyevo painting patterns. Today he invents new images, but with no depart from the tradition clearly known to him.

Nikolai Muravyov teaches young people, and so the craft continues.

Fedoseyevo toy

Fedoseyevo toy is so-called 'axing toy', it is carved from aspen with the help of ax and knife. Toys made of chopped boards are simple in design, mostly feature rectangular and square shapes, but very diverse and realistic.

Traditional products are: rotating roundabouts, horse harnesses on plates with wheels, steamers, steam locomotives, cars, airplanes, tram cars, bicycles, various doll furniture, doll items: troughs, axes, and complex multi-figure story toys.

The toys are covered with a bright yellow or green aniline paint, and then the pattern is applied: the contours of the lilac curls of flowers and leaves, the berries are painted over with red and green magenta. Toys are bright and cheerful.

Gift to whom?

  • Children. Of course, it is a gift for children. They will appreciate it immediately, the truck will become a favorite and indispensable in their arsenal of toys. Children like it because it is from the magic world of fairy tales, from favorite cartoons.
  • Adults. No, not to everyone, but only to those who has preserved open mind origin, who stays childish, without looking at age, who vividly remembers the happiest time with such pure and beautiful toys.
  • People who sees the beauty. There is such a talent to see the details, see the beauty. The beautiful sometimes is in complex works of fine art, but sometimes you can notice it in such naive, but very expressive works of folk craftsmen.
  • This bright truck will surely find its place in the apartment or at dacha (summer cottage), will add an unusual accent to the interior.
  • Collectors. Fedoseyevo toys are not in mass production, they simply are not in production any more. What Nikolay Muravyov does, is an exclusive craft, that will adorn any collection of Russian folk arts & crafts.
Сraft Fedoseyevo axing toy
Place Fedoseyevo hamlet, Nizhny Novgorod region
Year 2017
Technique axing and painting on wood
Medium wood, paints, nails
Size (cm) 13х10х25 см
Weight (g) 200
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