Under umbrella. Dymkovo relief panel. Author: Galina Belik (born 1951). Kirov, Kirov region, Russia. Vintage - 1993-94. Clay, firing, tempera, potal. Size - 21x21x3 cm. Weight - 640 g. Condition - perfect.

✔︎ Vintage (1990s) panel of the famous craftsmaster of Dymkovo clay toy.

✔︎ Interior decoration for children and adults.

✔︎ Bright and joyful image of a happy family.

✔︎ A valuable and rare copy to replenish personal and museum collections of Russian handicrafts.

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Under the umbrella. Dymkovo relief panel

Traditional image of Dymkovo toys is made by a famous craftsman on a panel. We see a bright married couple with a daughter. There are clouds, and the family opened an umbrella and ... at that moment it was immortalized in a clay relief panel by famous Dymkovo master Galina Dmitrievna Belik.

This work, one of the early works of the master (1992-93), is not only of artistic interest, but also historical, being part of the history of  Dymkovo clay toy of its heyday during the years of Gorbachev's perestroika.

Master - Galina Dmitrievna Belik

Galina Dmitrievna inherited from her mother, Dymkovo craftswoman A.P. Pechenkina, not only the craft and favorite subjects, but also learned serious and respectful attitude tpwards creativity. Her works are distinguished by a childlike direct look at the world, a constant creative search and selfless devotion to her work.

Galina says: “When I came to study, it’s not only interesting to paint, but it’s also fun to work on plastic, 30 years in the industry, and I have to learn something all the time.” At first "we were fascinated by gigantomania, I wanted to make big turkeys, ladies and gentlemen." And only then, considering the work of old masters, Galina realized that the whole beauty of the Dymkovo toy was in the simplicity and brightness of the colors. But just sculpting the figures is boring.

So Galina  created multi-figure compositions and unusual panels. The artist’s works are expressive and funny genre scenes from the life of Vyatka residents: boating and carousels, New Year’s fun, walks at the fountain and even a fire brigade.

Dymkovo toy

Dymkovo clay toy - one of the oldest folk art crafts in Russia - arose in Dymkovo, near the city of Vyatka (Kirov) in the XV – XVI centuries. Dymkovo toy is a handmade product, a work of one master. Making toys from modeling to painting is a creative process that never repeats.

For the production of Dymkovo toys, local bright red clay is used, carefully mixed with fine brown river sand. Figures are molded in parts, individual parts are assembled and molded using liquid red clay as a binder. Using a wide range of colors, in which there is a lot of red, yellow, blue, green, scarlet, gives the Dymkovo toy special brightness and elegance. The decoration is completed with rhombic or gold leaf toys pasted over the pattern.

The most common plots: babysitters with children, water drains, rams with golden horns, turkeys, roosters, deer, young people, buffoons, and mistresses.

Buy a gift - to whom?

  • First of all, children, decorating their rooms, their children's world of good things.
  • A wonderful family present is the image of a happy family.
  • A gift to friends, acquaintances and colleagues is very clear and kind.
  • A rare gift for personal and museum collections. Foreigners will be delighted to receive such a Dymkovo panel as a gift.
Сraft Dymkovo toy
Author Belik Galina
Place Kirov (Vyatka), Kirov oblast
Year 1993, 1994
Technique modeling and painting on ceramics
Medium clay, potal - imitation of gold leaf, tempera
Inscription author's signature, title and description
Vintage 1990s
Size (cm) 21х21х3
Weight (g) 1000
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