Big Turkey is a traditional Dymkovo clay toy. Art workshop 'Dymkovo toy's. Author: Ekaterina Udaltsova. Kirov, Kaluga region, Russia. 2017 year. Clay, paints, gold leaf. Dimensions - 18x14.5x10.5 cm. Weight - 840 g.

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Master - Ekaterina Udaltsova

Born in 1960 in Kirov. Graduated from the department of painting wooden toys of the Kirov Technical School No. 19 at 'Vyatka' association (1979). She has been in the field since 1988. She learned the craft from V. P. Plemyannikova. Participant of folk exhibitions of different ranks in Russia since 1990.

Сraft Dymkovo toy
Author Udaltsova Ekaterina
Place Kirov (Vyatka), Kirov oblast
Year 2017
Technique modeling and painting on ceramics
Medium clay, paint, gold leaf
Inscription factory tag
Size (cm) 18х14,5х10,5
Weight (g) 840
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