Candlestick. Rostov Veliky black-glazed ceramics. It is made in the workshop of Alexandr Shabalov. Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl Region, Russia. Clay. Size - 1.5х10х8 cm. Weight - 210 g.

Since old times, black-glazed ceramics products, which in appearance resembles cast-iron and metal, flourished in Rostov. From such ceramics they made krynki (milk jugs), charki (tumblers), whistles and all kinds of children's toys.

✔︎ Convenient and aesthetic candlestick

✔︎ Traditional Rostov black-glazed ceramics

✔︎ It looks like cast iron in appearance, but it's clay

✔︎ A stylish touch in the interior of a house

✔︎ Warm, sincere and symbolic gift

Article: 1809241902
750 руб.

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Сraft Rostov black-glazed ceramics, Rostov ceramics
Place Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl Region
Year 2018
Technique black-glazed ceramics
Medium clay
Size (cm) 16,5х10х8
Weight (g) 210
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